is Makeview's first flirtation into the Social Network solutions market

Sat, May 14, 2011 04:15 PM
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1007591275.jpg Social Network — Social Networks are everywhere and the term "social" has become synonym with the way we live life on a day-to-day basis. This does not mean that web design and development companies will try to position themselves stratigically in the market of providing social network development services to prospective clients. There just aren't that many people or companies trying to invest tens of thousands of dollars in creating their own 'vision' of what the next successful social network is. Moreover, market giants like simply leave almost no room for small niches of any sort and an idea would have to be too great and well-positioned in a certain niche in order to gain true traction. 

Makeview Design Studio, however, decided to flirt with the idea of creating a social network for a niche that is well-enjoyed by the founder of the company, Milton Rodas, which is "salsa dancing." was first envisioned as a solution for salsa event and venue listings in Los Angeles, since there was no website providing clear data of what events where happening where and at what time, and the ones that tried fell too short. The idea was a small to begin with, but soon enough and with loads of time being spent, as well as investment capital, the idea grew into a possible social network where users had profiles, provided content, added events, and could even become news article editors within the site. So, it was a meets meets some sort of, and it was all built within a social network framework that was further fully managed on a backend by Makeview's proprietary Content Management System (Makeview CMS). 

Amongst other features and tools that the site was given are the Google Maps API, YouTube videos API, and more, which allow users to get mapping and driving directions right ont he site, along with being able to share their YouTube account videos on the site by linking their user accounts. 

The site is extensive and a great solution for salsa dancing and its framework is ready to be position on any other niche that a client may desire. It can be customized to cater any vision and need, and best of is an affordable solution. It can be redeveloped for a fraction of the cost that a full-on social network can potentially incur. is truly a remarkable system and one of Makeview's most grand achievements, which took almost 3 years to build and can be yours now. 


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